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SALLY LOGAN first achieved stage fame as a child, appearing in many Concerts. Radio broadcasts and TV appearances followed. Featuring in many Scottish Theatre Shows was the next step for Sally. Then she went on to star in the leading role of the London West End Musical "CARNIVAL".Later she also featured in "A FUNNY THINGHAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM". Sally also guested on numerous television shows in Scotland, including BBC TV's "WHITE HEATHER CLUB"

Also appearing on that show was JOE GORDON, who had arrived in that popular series via Skiffle Groups and Jazz Clubs! Many B.B.C. Radio broadcasts later, with his group "THE JOE GORDON FOLK FOUR", he was resident on TV's "White Heather Club" for several years. In the early sixties he had several top twenty records in the Scottish charts.


From these differing musical backgrounds, Joe and Sally finally teamed up in1966, and rapidly established themselves on record and TV as one of the country's leading acts. World wide appearances soon followed.Several tours of USA and Canada,... shows in Australia; New Zealand; Germany; Italy; Turkey; Greece; and most recently, appearances in "Burns Concerts" in Russia! All these have proved the appeal of their versatile act. A speclal highlight was a 'show-stopping' appearance with the late Andy Stewart at New York's marvellous CARNEGIE HALL.

**Joe and Sally have made more than 400 TV appearances over the years.

**Joe and Sally's many TV shows led to the couple recording seven albums.

**They were also invited to take part in two ROYAL PERFORMANCES.

NEWS** You can watch clips of Joe and Sally on YOUTUBE now. Search JOE GORDON AND SALLY LOGAN and the list will come up.Hope you will enjoy some of them.

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****LATEST. There has been a great deal of interest and demand for the"JOE GORDON FOLK FOUR" recordings, that have been remastered , and put on to CD.....check them out on the CDs page here. ALL of the original titles are now available on only 2 CDs.......the wonders of technology!



TWO BRAND NEW CDs!...Joe & Sally have just released their new CD..."THEN and NOW!".....which is like a potted history of their careers......from their very first recording in New Zealand in 1967, plus some of Sally's early radio shows. And it includes several tracks recorded in 2012! Click on the circle "BRAND NEW CDs" up on the left, to hear sound clips of every track!

"MY KIND OF BANJO!".....is Joe's third release of his "Ragtime Banjos!".......and again, it features Joe's favourite Trad Jazz tracks, some Ragtime Banjo solos...........and some Country Flavoured tracks, that Joe calls his "Skiffle 2012!" Again, click on the circle up on the left, or just use this link...... MY KIND OF BANJO! to hear samples of every track!


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Four decades 'down-the-line' Joe and Sally are still in demand for Concerts and Theatre dates. Recently they featured in Mike Clark's "HAIL CALEDONIA!" production, which played to packed houses all over Scotland. Reviews and comments from their fellow performers, have suggested that they are 'singing better than ever!' Their own show "AN EVENING WITH JOE GORDON & SALLY LOGAN" is proving to be very popular, and they have also adapted this show for appearances in churches throughout Scotland. Bringing theatre entertainment back to the communities.

What has made Joe and Sally such a continuing success? Their professionalism & musicianship surely; which enables them to be equally at home in a small 'club date' or a TV Special! Plus their performing abilitites in many different types of material.......Ballads, Scottish, Country.....all of these are performed with their instantly recognisable style of vocal harmony that ensures an audiences' enjoyment.

Most recently Joe has returned to his love of Jazz and Banjo! His two "RAGTIME BANJO!" CDs attracted a lot of favourable reviews, and he has appeared for the last 8 years at the Edinburgh International Jazz Festival.

Offstage the married couple live in rural Ayrshire.Their son SCOTT GORDON is famous in his own right as an ALL SCOTLAND ACCORDION CHAMPION. He is married to a lovely lass SUSAN (nee Mackintosh) and they live near Aberdeen.
Sally's 'big sister' ANNE FIELDS, (also well known to theatre audiences in Scotland!) lives close to Sally & Joe in Ayrshire.

*** In a completely different field, Joe Gordon has had a 'day job' for the last twenty or so years as a much respected CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPIST. And in parnership with a Glasgow Doctor he offered advice on psychological problems on "RADIO PHONE-INS" for several years. Joe has continued in practice, and consults in his SCOTTISH HYPNOTHERAPY CLINIC. He likes to keep this profession totally separate from his entertainment committments.

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